College of Education


Checklist to become a -------------------------> TEACHER

  1. Go to the Certification Office and meet with your advisor (get a signed certification plan and follow it)
  2. When taking your last core course (There are 3 core or professional foundations courses.), apply to the Teacher Certification Program
  3. No later than the beginning of the semester before you student teach -- Take the TExES Content and Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) practice exams (Approval for both the practice and actual tests must be obtained by contacting the Certification Office 552-2121 every time you take another test)  If your Content practice score is 70 or above, take the actual test.  For PPR, if your score is below 70, take EDUC 4201 before taking the actual test.
  4. Take the actual Content and PPR TExES exams the semester before student teaching
  5. Complete your methods courses before student teaching
  6. Attend a Student Teacher Round up session (semester before student teaching)
  7. Complete your student teaching application requirements & 14 weeks of student teaching
  8. After your degree is posted, apply online for your teaching certificate and pay the required application fee through and $10 to the Certification Office.

Refer to your certification plan and visit with your advisor for detailed explanations.  The Certification Office is also a great resource for you.